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Disabled boy pursues passion to study
  • | | June 07, 2020 02:13 PM
A 2nd grader in Nha Trang City has made great efforts in handwriting despite having just three fingers on his left hand.


Nguyen Anh Kiet

Nguyen Anh Kiet has deformed hands since birth. He doesn't have a right forearm and the left hand only has three fingers. Doctors said Kiet had the deformities because his mother contracted rubella when she was pregnant. He was refused by many nursery schools before.

Kiet is now a student at Vinh Truong Primary School. Because of the deformities, many people thought that Kiet would never be able to write. But the boy has proved them wrong with his determination.

At first, he tried to learn to write with his feet. After a while, he started learning how to write with three fingers on his left hand.

"I learned to write using my feet in nursery school but the teachers taught me to write with fingers. It was hard at first but I'm used to it now," Kiet said.

Kiet can write neatly with three fingers on his left hand.

Kiet's homeroom teacher Tran Thi Thanh Nga said Kiet is her most special case.

"The small children already have a hard time learning to write normally. But Kiet is extremely hard-working. Despite his hands, he is really active, quick and loves maths and painting," Nga said.

She went on to say that Kiet had difficulties when using the toilet though.

She said. "The school always look after him and create favourable conditions to encourage his studying. He also earned a scholarship for outstanding students when the school year started."

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