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Two Vietnamese white-hat hackers honoured by Apple
  • | VOV | July 14, 2022 01:05 PM
Vietnamese white-hat hackers Ngo Minh Hieu and Pham Tien Manh have been recognised among security experts who have significantly contributed to Apple’s development over the last month.

This is the second time Hieu has been publicly acknowledged as a white-hat hacker by Apple. (Photo: NCSC)

The global tech giant publicised a list on its homepage in June of security experts who had found and reported bugs in Apple's web servers.

Minh Hieu, aka Hieupc, is one of 46 people listed in Apple's web server security acknowledgements last month.

“Credits are added quarterly, after the issue has been identified and addressed,” Apple said, acknowledging Minh Hieu’s contributions among 46 people in the list.

This is the second time Hieu has been publicly acknowledged as a white-hat hacker by Apple.

He is most notorious for being a hacker in the United States and for selling personal data to several crime rings. He was arrested in 2013 and sentenced to seven years in prison. He was released early after helping law enforcement investigate a string of cyberattacks.

Hieu then returned to Vietnam in 2020 and became an engineer with the National Cyber Security Center under the Ministry of Information and Communications.

Since then, he has been a white-hat hacker participating in community projects which give warnings and heighten awareness about cybersecurity.

Hieu is also a founder of the CyPeace project, which helps individuals and firms protect their brands from fake websites, and helps stop companies from being exploited by scammers looking to appropriate their assets.

In addition to Minh Hieu, Pham Tien Manh, aka ManhNho or Be May, was also a white-hat hacker that honoured by Apple. He is also a member of CyPeace.

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