Flower exhibition celebrates pink lotus
  • | dtinews.vn | April 28, 2011 01:00 PM

>> Lotus takes the lead in race for national flower

>> The race to become Vietnam’s national flower

After receiving the majority votes for the lotus as national flower, the pink lotus was featured at another exhibition in Danang, on April 26.

Pink lotus has been a focus of the one-week exhibition, which is represented in photography, painting, pottery, handicrafts, and ao dai designs.

The event also featured other candidates in the race to become national flower, including the yellow apricot, bamboo, peach blossoms, areca, and orchids.

Nguyen Mai Trinh, a visitor, who is a student in Danang, said, “All exhibits are very wonderful, particularly lotus paintings.”

During the flower exhibition in Hanoi on January 25-30, the lotus was the most popular choice for the national flower, with 62.2% of the votes.

The same exhibition will be held in the south to collect more ideas for national flower.

Photos captured from the exhibition in Danang:

Pink lotus, focus of exhibition

The event drew large crowds

Lotus depicted in paint


Lotus lights

Lotus tea

Rice wrapped in lotus leaves

Paintings were especially popular

Lotus of paper


Bamboo signifies the traditional Vietnamese village

Some other choices for the national flower


Peach blossom

Plum flower

Possumwood flower

Rice flower

Flowers of the countryside

Exhibition will last through May 2


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