It's not easy to be a legend
  • | dtinews.vn | February 25, 2010 03:41 PM

Legend's Beer boasts a confident name and provides a unique experience for beer drinkers.

Sitting down in a brew hall is something many people love to do. It is a simple way to unwind with some friends after a long day at work. Legend's is a German-style brew house, and they brew their own beers, right on site.

There are a few locations scattered around town, the most famous being near Hoan Kiem Lake, but we went to the original on Vu Ngoc Phan St.

The place is large and well lit on the outside by bright, neon lights. There is one giant, open room with an abundance of seating and very high ceilings. There was music playing on the speakers and interestingly, old black and white silent films, starring none other than Charlie Chaplin, played in the background. There was also a huge stage that would be fitting for a concert. The place was loud with the constant voices and cheers of people eating and drinking, and for a Wednesday night, the place was packed.

As we took our seats, we got down to business; we were here for the beer. The menu offers four different styles of beer, but in all actuality, there are only two. After some research, I've found that this is and always has been the case, which suggests there never has been nor never will be four. The options are a weizen (wheat beer) or dunkel (dark beer). We chose the weizen which comes served in a half litre glass. The beer itself is excellent; flavourful, smooth and refreshing. The flavour is good and the fact that it is brewed on site is another appealing factor. You can see the process with your own eyes from any seat in the building.

The food is a bit pricey but offers large portions of German influenced dishes. The service is good but nothing special. There is plenty of staff, but like many places, the staff stands and waits for you to approach them. In a beer hall, if your beer is empty, that should imply a new one is needed! There are plenty of unique and interesting paintings and other decor to keep the eyes amused.

This is a place best suited to bring a few friends, or even a full party, but probably not ideal for a first date or trying to have conversation.

The atmosphere is conducive to beer drinking, it is extremely clean and the toilets are quite possibly the cleanest ones I have ever seen in Vietnam.

All in all, Legend's Beer is well worth checking out, if for nothing else, then for the beer. The quality of the beer is excellent and it's a nice break from the usual choices of Tiger, Bia Hanoi, and Bia Saigon. My favourite part of the place was simply enjoying high-quality beer and watching a silent film while soaking in the plethora of sounds you'd expect to hear in a brew hall. This gave Legend's a unique vibe that I truly enjoyed. If you are craving a well-brewed lager and a nice place to enjoy it, Legend's is worth a shot.