Celebrity replaces talent in Vietnamese pop
  • By Trung Kien | 2sao, dtinews.vn | August 06, 2012 05:43 PM

Competition in the music scene in Vietnam has driven a number of acts to turn to deliberate scandals in order to survive.


 Nguyen Vu accused of imitating G-Dragon, member of a K-pop group

For some time now scandals have been the boon for performers, getting performers names into the press even though attracting criticism. The situation has lead to acts purposefully create public dramas for their own benefit.

Actress and singer Angela Phuong Trinh even answered in an interview that "I'm sad because I have anti-fans but I'll be sadder if I don't have any."

Newspaper headlines have been filled with names such as Phi Thanh Van, Phuong My and Vu Ha for months while more 'serious' artists have been ignored.

Accompanying these scandals has been a number of "heart-to-heart" talks with domestic publications describing life in the limelight. Many of the interviews include candid details of performers lives.

Break-ups, diseases and sordid details of artists lives are laid bare. Sometimes accompanied by the artists posting photos and tweets online, these incidents have virtually become a type of PR.

Another trend among the younger generation of music acts has been to give international songs a new meaning in Vietnamese covers.

After long public outcry, this has died off, but imitation of foreign hairstyles, clothes and choreography remains common.

When hip-hop first gained traction in Vietnam a young singer who was very loved for her pop ballads suddenly changed her look by wearing baggy pants and t-shirts, announcing that, "Hip-hop is in my blood."

However, her name faded as quickly as the trend in this country.

While many young singers seek major hits with their antics, experienced artists have been largely ignored by the press. Sadly, the music environment has become one in which gaffs and clothing mishaps receive more attention than valid talent.


Angela Phuong Trinh

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