Don’t deceive yourself and others
  • By Le Chan Nhan | dtinews.vn | June 18, 2013 02:32 PM
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Recent reports by authorities in Haiphong City and Nam Dinh Province that there was no prostitution in Do Son and Quat Lam have been met with public scepticism.


Do Son’s red light district

The reports were announced at the seminar on prostitution prevention and drug detoxification and rehabilitation in Hanoi on June 13.

The report faced public ridicule as it seemed to fly in the face of reality.

Right after the reports were announced, several press agencies published articles denouncing the findings, and several reporters even went ‘under cover’ to find out more about the report’s claims. Their reports on a “red light street” in the Do Son area in Haiphong proved that there exists a boisterous prostitution complex there. Prostitutes openly invite clients similar to restaurants hawking for customers. It’s not like it’s a secret, children and foreigners are all aware of the area’s notoriety of prostitution. Many members of the public commented on online newspapers and social networks that it’s as easy to find prostitutes in Do Son and Quat Lam as to buy vegetables in the market.

Prostitution isn’t the same as drug dealing, but it is more obvious with the establishment of guesthouses, and the invitation of guests. Sex workers and buyers conduct their trading and payment per appointment. Their activities are so obvious, so it’s strange when local authorities claimed they’re unaware of the situation. It seems they know about it but are prepared to turn a blind eye to it, doesn’t it?

Pham Ngoc Dung, from the Ministry of Labour, Invalid and Social Affairs' Department of Social Evils Prevention recently told the press, “The situation may be due to the fact the local authorities have failed to pay enough attention to prostitution. Local government may also find they are powerless to prevent prostitution or to some extent, they turn a blind eye to it.”

Dung's comments about the local authority claiming ignorance is no exaggeration, as it appears to be the truth.

Prostitution can develop anywhere despite the increased efforts of local authorities. However, blatant sex trading and the setup of red light areas for years like in Do Son and Quat Lam are rather unique. The development of such prostitution areas can’t be beyond the notice of local authorities.

Even though no pimps or madams have been caught in the act while giving bribes to local authorities, many things in the life are still implicitly understandable without any evidence.

False reports by authorities in Haiphong and Nam Dinh mean that they have deceived themselves and everyone else, ignored their superiors and laughed at public opinion. As a result, it’s necessary to clarify the case and force those who made false reports to be held accountable.

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