National Assembly calls for statement on East Sea
  • By Bui Hoang Tam | dtinews.vn | April 04, 2016 03:43 PM
 >>  Chinese vessel seized for illegally entering Vietnam’s waters

The East Sea problem became the main focus during the ongoing 11th meeting of the 13th National Assembly with many deputies urging the assembly to officially voice its opinions and suggest action to address the issue.


Newly-elected President Tran Dai Quang said at his inaugural ceremony on April 2 that he would devote himself to adamantly and persistently protect the country’s independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity.

On March 24, National Assembly deputy from Dak Nong Province, Tran Dinh Long, said that, "Vietnamese fishermen are being threatened and attacked near the Spratly Islands. Why hasn't the assembly discussed or passed a resolution on the issue while the US and many other European countries had officially voiced their opinions? When the people asked me about the assembly's attitude, I don't know how to answer them."

Thanh Hoa Province Deputy Le Minh Thong, added that, "The deputies want the assembly to be more aggressive and it should make a statement about the East Sea problem. Many other deputies are asking why we haven't had a stronger opinion."

HCM City Deputy Vo Thi Dung, first praised that the National Assembly for its accomplishments but said it was regrettable that there were no new policies about Vietnam's sovereignty during this challenging times. "If it were to be achieved, the assembly would gain more trust and satisfaction from the people."

The National Assembly also received some harsher comments about their attitude. Quang Nam Deputy Le Van Lai, said, " I'm surprised that all reports from the government and agencies have said that our sovereignty is ensured while someone is building port facilities, deploying planes and air defences, attacking our people... Someone is making announcements that violate our sovereignty and their planes were spotted in HCM City’s FIR, cutting across internationally-recognised air routes."

Deputy Truong Trong Nghia even read poems about the magic crossbow legend, in which the princess gave the prince of enemy country their magic crossbow that led to the country's downfall. "Don't give the magic crossbow to the enemy. Don’t lose land or the sea."

According to Nghia, Vietnam is in a struggle with other countries and domestic problems like corruption. "Our sovereignty is being violated by force and by soft powers. The country's development is being seriously challenged," he said. "Our magic crossbow is the patriotism of over 90 million people that has helped this country exist and develop for four millennia. And thanks to it, we will continue to protect our land."

Newly-elected State President Tran Dai Quang said he would devote himself to adamantly and persistently protect the country’s independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity.

On April 1, Hai Phong City Border Defence force seized a Chinese ship that had entered Vietnamese territorial waters, near Bach Long Vi Island in the Gulf of Tonkin.

Emperor Tran Nhan Tong once wrote that, "Don't dismiss petty issues on the sea. These issues make us think about bigger issues: they don’t respect the border conventions and will always make excuses to create disputes. They can't swallow us then they will chip us away bit by bit. They gnaw at our land and will gradually turn our eagle's nest into a warbler's nest. So remember: do not let an inch of land fall into other hands. This is a will to future generations."

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