How to make Hanoi run fast
  • By Manh Quan | dtinews.vn | April 11, 2016 03:44 PM
 >>  Corruption still plagues urban management
"We should feel ashamed when the capital city looks so dirty. We shouldn’t think things cannot be done quickly in Hanoi", Hanoi Party Secretary Hoang Trung Hai said at a recent meeting for this year’s Urban Order and Civilisation campaign in the city.

Hanoi Party Secretary Hoang Trung Hai
It has long been a common thought to many people that nothing can ever happen quickly in Hanoi: people can’t drive fast on crowded roads, people can’t get their papers done quickly at administrative offices, and they can’t expect local state officials to perform their work fast.

Hanoi's former Party Secretary Pham Quang Nghi once also complained about the slowness of Hanoi’s civil servants "Here we see so many dirty markets, dirty streets, and "dirty" offices where officials are trying to make dirty money."

At the meeting secretary Hai pointed out that the construction sector was seeing a rising number of corruption cases, which have turned many parts of the city in a real mess.

One of the most serious cases which DTiNews is investigating involved the illegal construction at 146 Quan Thanh Street, which has resulted in several households being forced to live in unsanitary conditions for years.

Many meetings have been held at both local and central levels which have made clear various violations from local officials in Quan Thanh Ward and Ba Dinh Districts. Yet until now no one have been punished because it might took some time for more investigations as they claimed. And the public know well about how "things can’t be done fast in Hanoi" in these kinds of situation.

Secretary Hoang Trung Hai confirmed at the meeting that he was sure someone had given the green light for illegal constructions and this was making the public angry.

Hai even suggested a change in the inspection system for the construction sector because the current system showed significant problems.

Yes, Mr Secretary, a change in the system is needed but a change in the minds of the officials is even more important.

The capital city can only rapidly grow and be clean when there is no more official who thinks "things can’t be done quickly," here.

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