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What's on August 28-September 3 (Daily updated)
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Hanoi- Concert “CELLO Fundamento II”

Aug 30, 8 pm,

Hanoi Opera House, 1 Trang Tien street, Hoan Kiem district

“CELLO Fundamento Concert II” – International chamber music concert with the participation of artists from 7 countries: Vietnam, Romania, Ukraine, Austria, New Zealand, Germany, USA.

Being inspired by the Cello, works performed in the concert will be based on this instrument. From the meaning of “Fundamento” in Italian is “foundation”, the concert including Cello, Piano, Violin and Clarinet will perform the music of world most famous composers who set the root for classical music such as Ludwig van Beethoven, Claude Debussy, Pablo de Sarasate, Dmitri Dmitriyevich Shostakovich.

In addition, as a combination of chamber music and traditional folk music, a Vietnamese folk song will be performed by 9 Cello Fundamento artists

Tickets: VND 1 million - VND 2 million - VND 3 million- VND 10 million

HCMC-Live Jazz Night

Aug 31, 9 PM

Broma, 41 Nguyen Hue street, District 1

A Live Jazz Night featuring music from the band Plugn Play. It’s time to grab a drink and let the music soothe your soul as Plugn Play bring you just what the doctor ordered- a nice old fashioned chill pill.

HCMC-Sunday Session - DJ Coh-Hul

From 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM, September 3

Rogue, 2nd Floor, 13 Pasteur, District 1

DJ Coh-Hul, well known on the Ho Chi Minh City circuit for his love of tech-house, is going to show us his sweeter side by dropping some soulful hip hop, electronic, R&B and down tempo house to give you that perfect rooftop atmosphere.



Hanoi- Travel Photography Exhibition “Go Explore Vietnam – Breaking Down Boundaries”

Heritage Space, 1st Floor, Dolphin Plaza

6 Nguyen Hoang street (for car) | 28 Tran Binh street (for bike), Nam Tu Liem district

“Go Explore Vietnam” Immersive Art Exhibition presents a selected collection of photography and videography artworks by artists Réhahn, Cristobal Ascencio, Chévon Leo, Anna Paniagua, Pham Phu Nghia and Nguyen Tan Dung.

Work on display feature different destinations across Vietnam, to create an immersive art space, combined with diverse visual and sound effects such as lighting, experimental/electronic music, art performances (opening and closing date only), etc.

Surrounded by interactive images and Ultra High Definition (4k) videos shown in dark room with rich sounds, the space offers an amazing immersive and sensory experience in the realm of art and entertaining.

Hanoi-Exhibition – Meeting: Dreams of Science

Institut Français de Hanoi – L’Espace, 24 Trang Tien street, Hoan Kiem district

Featuring the “Ohé Science” collection, which includes 10 books: Planets in sight – The solar system; A beautiful plant! – Life of flowering plants; As the crow flies – Migrations; Hot volcanoes – Volcanism; Stars – Astronomy; Water – The water cycle; Rain and fine weather – Meteorology; Like marmots – Hibernation; A horse of horses – A domestic species; Good appetite animals – Diets.

This exhibition presents different views of children on the issues addressed in the collection. Under the guidance of the cartoonist Nguyen Tuan Son (Picas Son), the children will paint their scientific world with their pure and naive brushes.

Hanoi-Art Exhibition “Mascara”

3rd floor, Trang Tien Plaza

24 Hai Ba Trung street, Hoan Kiem district

The exhibition presents the works of prominent contemporary artists such as Nguyen Nghia Cuong, Nguyen Van Cuong, Vu Dinh Tuan, Bui Thanh Tam, Ngo Van Sac, Nguyen The Hung, Pham Tuan Tu and sculptor Luong Duc Hung.

The artworks, more than just woman portraits, are the faces of the generation, representing the new cultures and new age. The exhibition strives to convey the endless creativity of the young contemporary artists of Vietnam, who are constantly looking for changes and breaking the mold.

HCMC-Mai-Loan Tu's Art Exhibition

L'usine, 19 Le Thanh Ton St., District 1

The first outdoor exhibition of the oeuvre of Vietnamese-French illustrator Mai-Loan Tu.

By ink and paper cut-outs, Mai-Loan Tu draws the viewer in with a deceptively realistic line, only to shock us a moment later with the surreal juxtaposition of disparate elements. Combined with familiar objects in uncanny ways, her images seem to draw from the collective unconsciousness that lives somewhere deep within all of us.

HCMC-A Solo Exhibition by Ly Hoang Ly

The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre, 15 Nguyen U Di, Thao Dien, District 2,

Ly Hoang Ly’s first solo exhibition, and most the comprehensive presentation of her work to date, as part of her on-going project ‘0395A.ĐC’. This multimedia, collaged body of work will showcase the artist’s ongoing inquiry into the epic story and continuous struggle of human (im)migration, whilst highlighting the contested nature of the memorisation, documentation and circulation of history.

HCMC- Exhibition “Muted Conversations” by Dat Vu

The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre, 15 Nguyen U Di, Thao Dien, District 2,

‘Muted Conversations’ is an ongoing photography project by Dat Vu that explores the spirituality and superstitions surrounding rituals in modern Vietnam. His photographic series includes both staged and candid images taken during his extensive travels across the country.

This exhibition aims to address the significance of traditional cultural practices as Vietnam rapidly transitions into a new era of economic possibility.

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