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What's on November 30-December 6 (Daily updated)
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Hanoi-Contemporary Dance: Intrastorm

Dec 6, 07:30 pm
Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam, 27 Quang Trung Street

From Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam:

IntraStorm is a collaborative project between 1648kilomet and The Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam, with the support of T-group, The Core production, Navigator Studio, and Meraki Saigon.

As the name of the work IntraStorm – hurricanes sweeping away all human knowledge about natural disasters and epidemics, our art director-choreographer Vu Ngoc Khai shares a perspective on life’s origin, integrity and magnitude hidden in a small seed. Inspired from what happened in 2020, he frankly mentions the relationship between humans and Mother Earth.

Will humanity be held accountable for the destruction of nature, or is everything in a samsara? Acting like they are saving the Earth, in fact, humans are merely saving themselves. No one is irrelevant when humans have satisfied their thirst for pleasure at the cost of diseases and natural disasters. Anyone can save themselves, save humanity by changing small habits in everyday life.

Tickets can be booked online for free from Dec 1, 2020.



Bandung Photo Showcase

Until Dec 4,

An online exhibition on the Galeri Soemardja's (Virtual Gallery) website:
Extended Exhibition:
07 January - 07 February 2021
Selasar Sunaryo Art Space
Participating Artists:
Ali Mecca (Indonesia)
Ryota Katsukura (Japan)
Anna Kedziora (Poland)
Kamila Kobierzyńska (Poland)
Chien Hua Huang (Taiwan)
Wan-Ling Chen (Taiwan)
Jim Rammer (USA)
Peter Fitzpatrcik (USA)
Yong Hwan Lee (Korea)
Kang Jaegu (Korea)
Phan Quang (Vietnam)
Son The Nguyen (Vietnam)

Hue City- Exhibition “Illusion”

Nov 28 – Dec 6
Le Ba Dang and Diem Phung Thị Art Foundation, 15 Le Loi Street

From the organizer:

Illusion is the name of the latest art project of Le Ngoc Thanh and Le Duc Hai, a pair of twin artists originally from Quang Binh province, but living and working in the city of Hue for the past 20 years. Illusion is not a separate project, but belongs to a series of artistic conceptual stations created by the Le twins over the years on major topics: Violence, History, Connections, and placing them in the thought realm formed by the constant collision of real life.

This exhibition showcases 19 paintings and 4 large ceramic jars, marking the first stop of a long-term project. The paintings are processed using lacquer painting techniques, yet do not depend too much on traditional techniques but combine many methods and natural and industrial materials to create the ultimate visual effect. Ceramic jars are another experiment of flat surface painting on a 3-dimensional object in the series of work, maintaining the consistency of the visual language of the paintings, but still hinting the majestic independence of The Nine Tripod Cauldrons – collection of regional landscapes and products in the feudal cultural background.

Hanoi- Photo exhibition on Vietnamese cultural diversity

Nov 25-Dec 2

An exhibition entitled “Spreading concerns and visions of cultural diversity” with 28 photos featuring the diverse culture and vibrant life of Vietnam.

The exhibition is co-organised by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in Hanoi, the German Embassy in Vietnam, Ngay Nay (Today) Magazine and Toong (Coworking Space series).

Hanoi-Exhibition “Big Talk Small Talk”

Nov 30-Dec 4
Exhibition Center of Fine Arts and Photography, 29 Hang Bai Street

From the organizer:

Pedantry hates small talk, yet poets exalt it. For the poet, a simple expression like The weather is nice today… could become as grand as the cosmos in the verse she weaves. Daily life which is almost unnoticed and invisible are obscured by ‘big talks’ from the popular media. The lacquer works of fiver artists are an attempt to clear our eyes from filters to let us listen to the conversations they have in their daily lives. These conversations are as stimulating as the bitterness we taste in our morning tea, as comforting the crisp sound from the leaves blown by the autumn wind, as soothing as the palate of the skyline of Hanoi approaching winter.

HCMC- Portfolio Review

Nov 28, 3 -5 pm

Goethe Institute, 18 No. 1, D3,

From Goethe Institut:

Noirfoto Darkroom-Studio-Gallery and Photographer Christian Berg invite you to a face to face portfolio review session for emerging photographers. This is a great chance to get input on your work and start to engage in a dialogue with the local photographic community. If you are interested, please submit a portfolio as PDF containing 10 – 20 images via email to kultur-saigon@goethe.de by at latest Thursday, 26th November at 5pm. If your portfolio is selected for a review we will let you know by the 27th of November.
Selected submissions will be discussed and reviewed offline at Goethe Institute meeting room in Deutsch Haus. In no particular order we will look at issues such as image flow, visual consistency of work, overall vision and many other things. There will also be time for more Q&A.

The portfolio review will be conducted in English.

The Portfolio Review session is part of the event “A piece of Germany” to commemorate 45 years of German-Vietnamese relations.



European Film Festival 2020

Nov 20-Dec 3,

Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Thua Thien-Hue and Can Tho

Featuring 13 movies, including several national and international award-winning ones, that target different groups of audiences from children, youths to adults.

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