Six Vietnamese kidnapped by pirates
  • | | November 12, 2016 11:06 AM
 >>  Pirates abduct six Vietnamese crewmen off Philippines: Vietnam Maritime Administration

The Vietnamese Embassy has co-operated with Filipino agencies to save six Vietnamese crewmen who were kidnapped by pirates off the Philippines.

According to the Spokesman of the Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Le Hai Binh, after receiving the information about the case, the ministry prompted the embassy in the Philippines to work with local authorities to resolve the case.


Pirates on the rise in Southeast Asia

The Vietnam Maritime Administration said that the kidnapped sailors were from the Royal 16, a Vietnamese cargo ship owned by the Quy Sang Maritime Transport Joint Stock Company in the northern province of Thai Binh.

Among 19 people on board while in the sea off the Basilan Island, six were kidnapped, while another had been injured after being shot. After that, the pirates released the ship. The ship arrived at Zamboanga Port safely with no cargo loss.

The vessel, which departed from Quang Ninh Province on November 5, was carrying a large cargo of cement. It sent an emergency signal at about 3.30pm on November 11, the administration said.

The Vietnam Maritime Administration informed the Regional Co-operation Agreement on Combating Piracy and Armed Robbery against Ships in Asia, the IMB Piracy Reporting Centre and the Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs about the case.

Foreign Affairs spokesman Le Hai Binh said the injured crewman was conscious and was being treated at Brent Hospital in the Philippines.

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