Households suffer nine-year-old stagnant project
  • | tienphong, | June 18, 2018 05:00 PM
Hundreds of households in Hoa Hai Ward, Danang City, have been badly affected by a stagnant cultural park project.


Qua's deteriorating house

The Ngu Hanh Son Cultural Park Project which covers 139 hectares with a total capital of VND2trn (USD80m) was approved by the Danang People's Committee in 2009. The project is hoped to provide a historic and cultural destination for the locals and a tourist attraction. However, construction hasn't been started after nine years.

Le Qua said his family were entitled to VND260m (USD10,400) in ground clearance compensation but they haven't received anything. His house is deteriorating and may collapse during storms yet he doesn't dare to carry out repairs since he is afraid that the construction could start at any time.

61-year-old Le Thi Qua said her family was also waiting for VND400m (USD16,000) in compensation over the past nine years. Her walls have many cracks and Qua is afraid that the foundations might subside. Moreover, as their fields have already been taken, they have to struggle to find other jobs or work on the abandoned land.

"We want a definite answer. Will the project start or not. If no then say so for us to repair our houses or else compensate us quickly. We can't live comfortably yet we can't move," she said.

Ngu Hanh Son District People's Committee said 700 out of over 1,500 households had transferred over their lands and moved to resettlement area. They first cleared the areas near Thuy Son Marble Mountain, Nguyen Duy Trinh Street, Su Van Hanh Street and households at the foot of Moc Son Mountain to avoid landslides. The rest is still being reviewed.

Secondly, the project still lacks an investor. In 2016, Danang authorities adjusted the land use planning of the project and asked the Department of Construction and related agencies to call for investors. However, for various reasons, especially the huge investment, the city is still unable to find any investors.

The district authorities said they would find solutions to deteriorating houses. They will clear the remaining 40 households living around Ngu Hanh Son Mountain first and propose to clear households that have already received 80% of the compensation.

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