Female foreign tourist killed in Ninh Binh traffic accident
  • | | August 21, 2019 02:06 PM
A female foreign tourist has died when the motorbike she was driving crashed into a truck in the northern province of Ninh Binh City.

The incident happened at 5 pm on Tuesday on National Highway 1A running through Nam Son Ward in Tam Diep City.


The scene of the accident

According to initial information, the woman and a foreign man were driving from Bim Son Town in Thanh Hoa Province to Tam Diep City, when they suddenly hit into a truck transporting construction materials. The vehicle was trying to cross the road to Pomihoa Cement Factory nearby.

As a result, the woman died on the spot as she and her motorbike were swept under the truck.

Meanwhile, the man faced light injuries after colliding into the front of the vehicle.

Both of the motorbikes were severely damaged.

The police quickly came to the scene to regulate the traffic and identify the two victims.

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