Social media boaster on avoiding Covid quarantine turns in
  • | | February 27, 2020 02:02 PM
A woman in Binh Duong Province who broadcasted a live stream on how she could avoid being quarantined after returning from Daegu City has been isolated.


A woman in Binh Duong Province boasted about how she could avoid being quarantined

The woman started the live stream on February 25 when she returned to Vietnam via Tan Son Nhat Airport in HCM City. "Those who have been quarantined are not smart. Smart people like me are not quarantined. Women have to live with a brain," she said during the live stream.

She lives in Daegu but travelled to Busan before taking a flight to Vietnam. After landing at Tan Son Nhat Airport, she only reported that she flew to Vietnam from Busan and omitted the fact that she lived in Daegu.

Many people have shown concerns and anger, saying that she lacked responsibility as the Covid-19 outbreak is still spreading.

On February 26, Binh Duong Department of Health announced that the woman had been found and quarantined. After receiving much criticism, she had gone to a local hospital for a check-up. The result shows that she was healthy. She later volunteered for 14-day quarantine.

Binh Duong Centre for Disease Control said they were investigating other people that were on the same flight or have close contact with the woman.

In the past days, many South Korean students have gone online to call for others to be responsible and not to avoid quarantine.

The Ministry of Health has issued regulations that everyone who has visited Daegu or Gyeongsangbuk-do will be quarantined for 14 days when they arrive in Vietnam. Local authorities are asked to tighten monitoring, especially on those that arrived in Vietnam from February 9.

People that arrived in Vietnam from other parts of South Korea are asked to self-isolate and notify the authorities immediately if any symptoms show.

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