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Thyroid cancer surgery for smallest patient successfully conducted at Hanoi hospital
  • |, HNM | October 18, 2019 07:03 AM
Doctors at National Hospital of Endocrinology in Hanoi have successfully conducted an operation for a three-year-old boy struggling with thyroid cancer’s critical stage.

According to the child family, two months ago, he saw the symptoms of breathing difficulty, dysphagia and had little nucleuses around his neck.


The surgery carried out by doctors at National Hospital of Endocrinology

He was taken a local hospital where his disease was not detected. After a time of treatment, his state got worse and he was moved to National Hospital of Endocrinology. Doctors there diagnosed that he suffered from thyroid cancer.

It took doctors up to more than two hours for the operation which was quite complicated as the patient’s condition was serious with the widespread metastasis.

Associate. Prof. Tran Ngoc Luong said that this is the successful operation for the hospital’s smallest patient so far. Earlier, the same surgery was performed on a six-year-old child.

Just only 5% of small children have thyroid cancer.

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