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Hanoi traffic suffers in wet weather
  • By Nguyen Duong-Tien Nguyen | | January 12, 2017 01:12 PM
 >>  Hanoi faces continued traffic jams

Hanoi has suffered from increased traffic jams at peak hours due to bad weather.

Hanoi has experienced colder weather with the temperature falling to 14 degrees Celsius.


Traffic jams on Tay Son Street on January 11 late afternoon

On rainy days, more people often use cars to go to work and it has coincided with greater traffic due to the proximity to the lunar new year.

Construction on the metro has also added to congestion.

Traffic congestion has always been a thorny issue for Hanoi. Experts said that it will be impossible for Hanoi to ease traffic congestion without developing public transport; but city planning means that too little land has been allocated to transport infrastructure.

Hanoi’s population has reached nearly 10 million people, but private vehicles remain the major means of transport in the city.

Hanoi has put into operation a pilot express bus which is expected to take only 30 minutes to travel around 14km. However, the express bus service is also as slower than ordinary buses because of traffic jams at peak hours.

Some photos of the serious traffic jams on some streets including Xa Dan, Tay Son, Thai Ha, and Le Van Luong on Wednesday afternoon and early Thursday morning:







Many streets in Hanoi faced traffic jams at the peak hour on January 11 afternoon





Hanoi streets this morning, January 12

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