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Vietnam is at risk from WannaCry cyber attack
  • | tp, | May 17, 2017 07:36 AM

Over 52% of computers in Vietnam has security holes that are vulnerable to attacks from WannaCry ransomware.

According to the Vietnamese software developer Bkav, on May 13, one day after the first attack by WannaCry ransomware broke out worldwide, they had registered the first case in Vietnam.


Vietnam is at risk from WannaCry cyber attack

Vu Ngoc Son from Bkav's Anti-Malware Department said that they had discovered hundreds of cases attacked by WannaCry as of late May 15. Two most recent cases are in the southern provinces of Can Tho and Ben Tre. Two educational facilities were attacked. More importantly, they stated that over 52% of computers in Vietnam have the Eternal Blue security hole that is very vulnerable to attacks from ransomware.

On May 15, many security firms in Vietnam released free software to scan and discover the security hole. Danang Department of Information and Communication sent official documents to sub-departments and localities authorities to copy data and store it elsewhere. If there are signs of an attack, the computers must be quarantined.

Over 200,000 computers in 90 countries have reported about being infected with WannaCry. Several Asian countries said they had suffered losses after employees returned to work on Monday and checked their e-mails. Some payment system and public services in China, India, Japan and Australia have been affected. 200 patients at Dharmais Hospital in India had to queue for a long time at the registration desk as the hospital's information system was affected. The police and transport agencies in China said they had also been affected.

Most banks in Asia are not infected by the virus. Some infected e-mails almost got through the security because some banks haven't installed updates and patches for their computers. Luckily the e-mails were detected.

Michael Gazeley, director of Network Box, said websites were being targeted. Malicious code were being posted on online websites and computers would be infected once they click on the links.

The infection rate on May 15 was slower than previous days and it's difficult to say which sector is most affected. The US Cyber Consequences Unit said the estimated damage could run into hundreds of millions of USD.

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