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Thousands stuck on Co To Island as storm hits
  • | nld, | July 17, 2017 12:13 PM
More than 5,000 visitors including 30 foreign tourists have been stuck on several islands in the northern province of Quang Ninh due to Storm Talas.


Boats seek shelter before the storm

According to Quang Ninh Province Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control and Search and Rescue, all boats stopped working from 6 am yesterday morning, July 16 because of the effect of Storm Talas in the central region.

As a result, 5,126 visitors are stuck on the islands, including 30 are international tourists.

There are 3,500 tourists being stranded on Co To Island alone with 14 are international tourists. The local authorities have ordered hotel and guesthouse owners to help accommodate stranded tourists and not raise the prices. 523 boats and ships safety went to the shelters.

Chairman of Co To Island Hoang Ba Nam said, "Agencies and border guards were asked to monitor the storm to inform tourists as early as possible. Boats and ships won't be allowed to operate on July 16 and 17."

Quang Ninh Province has 7,512 vessels, including 516 offshore fishing boats. The Department of Fisheries said they had informed all fishing boats and fisheries unions about the storm. The water levels of local lakes are at safe level and the dyke system is stable.

The local coal industry also reinforced their dumping sites, cleared the drainage system and made plans to evacuate nearby residents. Local authorities were asked to monitor reservoirs, lakes and make plans to evacuate residents living under on-going constructions on the hills. Cam Pha City authorities evacuated 64 households in a dilapidated apartment building.

Aquaculture farms were relocated and the departments of transport must keep a close eye on the situation to regulate the traffic.

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