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Elephant-carrying truck shocks drivers
  • | | March 21, 2018 11:29 AM
A truck carrying an elephant without proper safety measures surprised drivers on a highway in Ha Tinh Province.

On March 20, a video clip showing an elephant standing freely on the back of a truck was shared on social media.

The open-back truck was running along National Highway 1A with the elephant. The elephant was continually rocked by the motion and its trunk could almost reach out and nearly touch passing vehicles. Many people were shocked and wondered what would have happened if the elephant decided to escape the truck.


The elephant standing on the truck without safety measures

The traffic police in Ha Tinh Province confirmed that a truck carried an elephant through Ky Tho Commune at 10 am on March 20. They said that since the elephant belonged to a circus and the trainer was also on the truck, they allowed it to continue.

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