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Nghe An Province seeks urgent support for post-storm cleanup
  • By Nguyen Tu | | August 05, 2018 01:26 PM
The northern central province of Nghe An has proposed to the government and some ministries a financial support of VND280.15 billion (USD12.72 million) to help the locality deal with the consequences of the recent Storm Son Tinh and floods.

According to the province, Storm Son Tinh and torrential rains afterwards flooded around 300 local houses and damaging 150 other houses, causing dozens of households to be relocated. 


Nghe An faces Nghe An faced an estimated VND630 billion (USD28.63 million) in damage caused by Storm Son Tinh and floods recently 

Nghe An faced an estimated VND630 billion (USD28.63 million) in damage caused by the natural disasters.

The province has recommended supplying environmental sanitation chemicals after the floods, including 500 kilos of alum, 700 kilos of chloramine and 10,000 kilos of chlorine.

The locality has also proposed VND280.15 billion to deal with the consequences of the storm and flooding.

Of the total, VND2.14 billion is planned for supporting houses which have been damaged or households which have been relocated. Meanwhile, VND68 billion will be used for the agricultural sector, while the remainder will serve infrastructure works such as schools, irrigation works and others.

Storm Son Tinh and floods afterwards killed 40 people, left 16 missing and injured 14 in Vietnam.

The Vietnam National Committee for Search and Rescue reported that over 5,000 houses were damaged, swept away, submerged or collapsed, around 82,000 hectares of crops were damaged and nearly 17,000 animals were killed nationwide.

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