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Soldier remains found in Dong Nai garden
  • By Vinh Thuy | | September 14, 2018 03:26 PM

The remains of thirteen soldiers along with many of their belongings have been found by a family in the southern province of Dong Nai. 


Soldiers' belongings found at the grave

On September 9, while Nguyen Van Kinh’s family in Bau Can Commune, Long Thanh District were levelling a perennial plant garden, when they found some bones. Kinh immediately contacted authorities when realising it could be a war grave.

After that, Long Thanh District’s military authorities excavated a 50-square metre area, finding out that it contained 13 sets of soldiers’ remains along with their belongings such as hammocks, watches, pens, brushes, sandals and some medical equipment. A photo of a soldier was also found.

The entire remains have been transferred to Long Thanh War Cemetery for a memorial service.

Local authorities are joining with concerned agencies to identify the dead to find their relatives. The area where the grave was discovered was previously a crater.

In July this year, nine sets of remains of soldiers who died in the American War were also found in a durian garden in Dong Nai Province.

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