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Disadvantaged family continues to receive help
  • | | July 24, 2019 03:03 PM
Editor-in-chief of Dantri Newspaper Pham Huy Hoan returned to visit two little girls he helped name in Soc Trang Province.


Editor-in-chief of Dantri Newspaper Pham Huy Hoan (second from the left) takes a photo with Ly My Nhan, Ly My Ai and Do Thi Son on July 23

Ly Sa Oanh and his wife Do Thi Son are from Khmer ethnic group. 10 years ago, while Son was pregnant with two baby girls, their eldest son who was four suffered from chronic kidney failure. Their monthly salary was only enough to buy medicines. When the girls were born, the family didn't have enough money for daily meals.

During a business trip to Can Tho in 2009, the Editor-in-chief of Dantri Newspaper Pham Huy Hoan visited and gave gifts to the family. Since the girls hadn't been named yet, he then named the girls Ly My Nhan and Ly My Ai per request from the parents, hoping that the girls would receive much joy and love in their lives.

Ever since then, Dantri Newspaper has donated to the family every year to help them raise and treat the children.

Oanh's family later went to Soc Trang Province and borrowed land to plant crops. The constant moving however badly affected Nhan and Ai's studies. At 10 years old, the girls have only finished 2nd grade.

In his visit to the family in July, Pham Huy Hoan donated VND10m (USD430) to the family to help them buy agricultural equipment and pay tuition fees for the children. Both of the girls have considered and called him grandfather for years.

"We really don't know what would have happened without your help. Our girls were reborn thanks to everyone," Son said.

Son and Oanh were able to build a small house and settle down. Son said the children would have new clothes, books and even a bike to go to school this year.

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