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Hanoi to invest in more water plants
  • | tienphong, | November 19, 2019 07:28 PM
Hanoi People's Committee has approved a freshwater network development project which will supply water to the communes in Thuong Tin, My Duc, Ung Hoa and Thanh Oai districts after groundwater pollution.


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According to the deputies in Ung Hoa District, arsenic contamination has been detected at wells of many households. The local authorities are urged to quickly start a new water project to help the locals in Minh Duc Commune in particular and Ung Hoa District in general.

Local representatives in My Duc District also has the same proposal since their groundwater was also contaminated. Moreover, several wells in the areas have collapsed.

Hanoi People's Committee said a new water supply system to My Duc and Ung Hoa districts would be built as part of the freshwater network development project. They had also assigned to AquaOne Water JSC to invest in the Xuan Mai water supply company, and would use water from the Duong River.

AquaOne already invested in the Duong River Surface Water JSC and both water plants will help deal with the water problems in the area.

Hanoi People's Committee went on to say that Duong River Surface Water JSC will provide water to nine communes in Dong Anh District. As of now, the investor has completed the pipeline along the National Highway 3.

After the second phase of the Duong River Surface Water JSC plant was completed on September 5, its capacity improved to 300,000 cubic metres a day.

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