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People allowed to film traffic police on duty
  • |, TP | January 15, 2020 12:57 PM
The public are permitted to film and record traffic police officers from today, January 15 following a circular from the Ministry of Public Security.

The move came amid concerns that higher fines for drunk driving could cause traffic police officers to demand bribes.


A motorbike driver being checked for acohol concentration

However, according to the circular, the filming and recording must not affect police officers when they are on duty.

The circular replaces that issued by the Ministry of Public Security in 2009.

Under the new law on drunk driving, drivers must be completely sober while driving any vehicle on Vietnam’s roads.

Cyclists who ride under the influence of alcohol will be fined up to VND600,000 (USD25) while motorcyclists and car drivers face fines of up to VND8 million (USD86-345) and up to VND40 million (USD1,724), respectively, as well as license revocation for 22-24 months.

The specific amount of the fine would depend on the blood alcohol level.

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