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Hanoi suspends crowds for Covid-19 prevention
  • By Quang Phong | | December 04, 2020 10:01 AM
Hanoi has decided to suspend mass gatherings following new domestic Covid-19 infections in HCM City.

Under the request issued by Hanoi People’s Committee’s Chairman Chu Ngoc Anh on Thursday, Hanoi needs to continue applying strict Covid-19 prevention regulations. 

According to the chairman, mobile Covid-19 prevention and control task forces must be always willing to be on duty round-the-clock every day to detect Covid-19 cases as well as vulnerable cases.

It is compulsory for people in Hanoi to wear face masks and use hand wash at places at high risk of Covid-19 infection such as quarantine sites, markets, supermarkets, schools, stations, airports and hospitals.

Any person, including those who manage agencies and units, who violates in Covid-19 prevention and control regulations in line with the government's Decree 17 will be punished.

The Hanoi chairman also noted that all people who enter Vietnam from abroad have to be sent to quarantine areas as regulated. Police and authorities of localities need to closely supervise them.

Anh ordered an end to unnecessary crowded events. In cases where such events still need to be held, the organisers and participants are required to conform to Covid-19 prevention regulations.

HCM City which has witnessed three new domestic Covid-19 infection cases has also prohibited mass gatherings in unnecessary cases.

The city has also taken drastic measures to define people who would face Covid-19 infection risks for being related to the three Covid-19 patients.

When events and activities are held with the participation of foreigners who come from Covid-19-affected areas, the organisers must seek local health authorities’ permission.

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