Another 4.260 beneficiaries of “For Mother and Baby - For Vietnamese Stature” Project
  • | | August 20, 2019 06:00 PM

On August 17th 2019, the closing ceremony of phase 3, “For Mother and Baby - For Vietnamese Stature” project was held in Vinh Phuc province. After 4 months of implementation, Phase 3 has achieved the splendid success beyond expectation.

Outstanding numbers

Phase 3 of “For Mother and Baby - For Vietnamese Stature” project was organized by For Vietnamese Stature Foundation (VSF), Vietnam General Confederation of Labour, Vinh Phuc Trade Union of Industrial Zones under sponsorship of TH Group, DKT International Inc., Golden Choice Co., Ltd with the trademark of Newchoice and OK and in collaboration of Hoa Linh Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd with Da Huong brand.

After 4 months of implementation, Phase 3 reached to 4.260 people by the coaching and communication session (on nutrition, mental health, and reproductive health), mobile reproductive health clinics and the knowledge contest, increasing the total number of beneficiaries to 9.660 people.

This marks the commendable results, demonstrating the attention and positive response from social organizations in unanimous effort to take care of the health of labors in general and labor in industrial zones in particular.

22 companies in Vinh Phuc industrial zones involved in Phase 3 “For Mother and Baby – For Vietnamese Statue”Project

Phase 3 has witnessed the first time of the project to implement the social marketing program on safe, quality, and affordable oral contraceptive measures and condoms for labors. Total 22 companies of 3 industrial zones including Khai Quang, Binh Xuyen, and Ba Thien in Vinh Phuc province have participated in the programs under the project.

Four companies including Koshei Multipack Vietname, JAPFA, HJC Vina and Camsys Vina immediately responded to the social marketing program by getting the orders for oral contraceptive measures and condoms, then freely distributed or subsidized for labors of their companies. “Healthy laborers is the added benefit to the companies”, said the majority of industrial firms’ trade unions when indicating on this program.

Aspiration to continue partnership with the project

In the speech at the closing ceremony, Ms Nguyen Thi Thuy Ha, the Vice President of Vinh Phuc Federation of Labors highly appraised the results of Phase 3, the “For Mother and Baby - For Vietnamese Stature” project: “The project has significantly helped labors, especially female labors know how to self-protect and contributed to the heath of future generation to meet the national development and global integration demands. With this spirit, Vinh Phuc Federation of Labors aspires to continue accompanying with the project in the next phases,” said Ms. Nguyen.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy Ha, the Vice Precident of Vinh Phuc Federation of Labors with the closing speech

According to Vinh Phuc Federation of Labors, the number of female labors in the entire province accounts for 70%, especially, this number in electronic and technological companies is 90-94% in total. Labors in general and female labors in particular in Vinh Phuc industrial zones curently have been working under inadequately qualified condition regarding safety and hygiene for labors. The conditions of chaining production and workshifts intensify their anxieties to complete the assigned tasks. The activities in “For Mother and Baby, For Vietnamese Stature” Project is completely appropriate, improving the health and lifestyle of labors here.

The results of Phase 3 is the one of the motivation to expand the “For Mother and Baby, For Vietnamese Stature” Project in the next period

With the vision of a social charitable and non-profit foundation to advance the physical and mental strength of children for a mighty Vietnam, VSF determined that the task of looking after the nutrition, reproductive health, and mental health of labors in reproductive age is the foundation for ensuring the stature of the future generation. “We aspire to continue extending these meaningful activities to bring about practical benefits for labors in the upcoming period”, said Ms Tran Thi Nhu Trang, the Director of VSF, representative of the Organizing Board at the closing ceremony.


 In the Closing Ceremony of the Project, the contest on general knowledge was held to fortify the essential knowledge for labors at the participated companies in the projects after 4 months of implementation. The activities were diverse, especially including:

- A small play of “the perilous disease” with a topic of postpartum depression of women.

- A contest on general knowledge of nutrition, reproductive health, and mental health.

- A contest on wearing condoms - to raise awareness of labors about usage of contraceptive measures safely for effective family planning.

The contest received enthusiastic participation and response from players and delegates. 5 teams gave an excellent performance in terms of seizing the knowledge and showing skillful ability to put theory into practice. The project experts, who are also the jury, had graded and reiterated the essential knowledge for players and delegates by providing specific explanation for each contest question.

"For more information of Project and VSF, please access the website here or fanpage here."

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