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Great big tea party in Thai Nguyen
  • | Quoc Cuong | November 13, 2011 12:00 AM

The northern province of Thai Nguyen is hosting it\'s first tea festival from November 11-15, in order to increase the prestige of their products.

Ma Thi Nguyen talking about the tea festival

Ma Thi Nguyet, Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee, told DTiNews that the festival is expected to welcome the participation of 3,000 local officials and nearly 100 foreign visitors. Tens of thousands of people from Thai Nguyen are also expected to attend.

According to Nguyet, nine countries, who also have a vibrant tea production culture, will also have representatives and displays at the festival.

Visitors will have a chance to learn about differences in teas, as well as the cultural aspects, such as ceremonies, which accompany them, she said.

Tea from Thai Nguyen is currently being marketed all around the world, in countries such as China, Pakistan, Russia, India, Japan and the US.


Thai Nguyen has 18,000 hectares devoted to tea growing

Large brocade tea set to be displayed at the festival

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