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Strange markets only open on Tet
  • | TTXVN, | January 25, 2012 04:21 PM

Several places in Vietnam are famous for hosting special once-a-year markets on the occasion of Tet holiday.


Wedding market

Wedding Market

Cho Cuoi, known as the Wedding Market, is held by ethnic people in Tam Long Commune, Binh Xuyen District in the northern province of Vinh Phuc on December 25 of lunar year.

The market is considered a good occasion for young couples to make an offer of marriage in the presence of their parents and relatives. Actually, it’s a love market for local people.

Market in the Field

Cho Dong, or Market in the Field, is held in Yen Do Village, Binh Luc District of the northern province of Ha Nam. It is often organised in a dry field close to the village’s gate on Lunar December 24.

Local people go to this market to prepare for Tet as well take part in a poetry contest on Tet topics. The winner is granted the right to taste Tuong Den alcohol, a local speciality.

Chicken Market

Cho Ga, also known as Cho Sau, opens in Xuan O Village in the northern province of Bac Ninh’s Tien Du District in the twilight of January 4 of Lunar New Year.

It’s said that the market is a place where people can interact with those who belong to the underworld.

Entirely black chicken is the only good traded at this market as this kind of chicken is believed to help convey local people’s wishes of wealth and prosperity to the village’s God.

There is a place in the market where local young people sit together, chew betel, and sing Quan Ho folk songs, unique to Bac Ninh.

Luon Market

The Luon Market held during Tet is a time for Tay ethnic people in the northern mountainous provinces of Cao Bang and Lang Son to exchange their traditional folk songs and show their love for each other. Several people find their life partners at the market.

Muc Dong Market

Muc Dong Market is primarily for herd boys in Yen Thu Commune in the northern province of Vinh Phuc’s Vinh Lac District, and is held on Lunar December 28. They trade different types of goods such as chicken, ducks, hats and various kinds of cakes.

Ben Market

Ben Market in the central province of Quang Binh’s Dong Hoi opens on the first three days of Lunar New Year. It is organised along the banks of the Nhat Le River.

Local people often bring their hometown specialities to the market such as fine art products, shrimp, fish, pigs, honey, confectionery and toys. The unique feature of this market is that traders sell their goods at their true value, believing that such honesty will bring them luck for the new year.

Con and Pork markets

Con Market opens in Vinh My Commune in the central province of Thua Thien Hue’s Vinh Loc District on January 1-2 of the Lunar New Year. It’s often held on a sand bank.

Thit Heo Market, known as Pork Market, is organised at My Loi Commune of Vinh Loc District in the same province on December 29 and 30 of the Lunar year.

Both markets are held adjacent to the ordinary markets in order to give the dead a chance to go shopping during Tet.

Gia Lac Market

Traditionally, Gia Lac Market was held near to the Royal Palace in the central city of Hue. Nowadays, it has moved to Duong No T-junction, three kilometres from the city centre.

The market is the most crowded on Lunar January 1. The most prominent feature of the market is the participation of chess players who watch their games from watch-towers.

The market was established around 200 years ago to facilitate the trading of local specialities such as beef noodles, su se, a kind of wedding cake, Nam Giao bananas, and Huong Can mandarin oranges.

Go Truong Uc Market

Go Truong Uc market opens on Lunar January 1 at the foot of Truong Uc Mountain, eight kilometres from Quy Nhon City.

The market is a good time for shopping, sightseeing and sharing best wishes for the new year.

Vieng Market

Vieng Market

There are two Vieng markets. One opens near to the Day Palace in the northern province of Nam Dinh’s Vu Ban District while another is held by Bi Pagoda in the province’s Nam Truc District.

These markets open on the evening of Lunar January 7 and morning of January 8 and trade in antiques, ornamental trees and tools for agriculture.

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