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Ha Long Carnival a majestic performance on the streets
  • | | May 03, 2010 12:18 PM

The Ha Long Carnival has become an annual event in the city's Quang Ninh Province since 2007.

The occasion brings Vietnamese and international friends an opportunity to understand the cultural features of the city.

The festival was carried out in a stunning and sparkling fashion. Dozens of ships guided by the wind in their sails became the backdrop for a majestic performance on the streets of Ha Long.

The event included nearly 3,000 performers and demonstrated comprehensive images of poetry and hospitality.

All activities of the event were centred around the main concept of Ha Long being one of the wonders of the world as well as anticipation of the Thang Long Anniversary which will celebrate Hanoi's 1,000 birthday.

In addition to images about Quang Ninh and a mobilisation of voting for Ha Long Bay to become a wonder of the world, the festival included many other activities to help welcome the 1,000 year anniversary of Hanoi.

Below are some beautiful photos from the festival:




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