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Young Hanoians descend on flower villages for photo shoots
  • By Mai Cham | | January 28, 2013 10:03 AM

Hanoian women have rushed to the famous flower villages of Nhat Tan and Quang Ba to take photos in the lead up to Tet holiday.


Young women love to pose

Due to the long-lasting cold spell, peach flowers have blossomed late compared to previous years.

People have arrived in Nhat Tan and Quang Ba from the early morning to plan their shoots.

In order to meet such a rising demand, several gardeners have designed a special corner for guests to take photos, charging them VND10,000-20,000, or about a dollar a person.

Many young guests tend to prefer taking photos by fake peach trees rather than real ones due to their brighter colours.

A garden owner said that they had welcomed around a hundred people who wanted to take photos per day.

Thiếu nữ tạo dáng bên những gốc đào nhân tạo

Posing by false peach trees


Dọc lối vào khu vườn nhân tạo là những dáng đào Nhật rất được giới trẻ ưa chuộng chụp ảnh

Colourful path


 Trang phục màu đỏ nổi bật trong tiết trời mùa đông

An outstanding red outfit

Tranh thủ thời tiết ấm lên, rất đông bạn trẻ kéo tới vườn đào chụp ảnh khai xuân
Many people participate   

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