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Young artist imagines a better Hanoi
  • By Mai Cham | | November 26, 2014 01:06 PM

A young photographer and graphic designer named Phan Thanh Tung has been using his skills to express his love for Hanoi along with his wish to change the city for the better.

The photos were part of a collection called "If Hanoi were a little different". He said, "My first photo was of Nguyen Hong Street. Previously, the street was actually a polluted canal but it was made into a road. Personally I don't think such a drastic solution was needed, just a little change."

Tung captured images of places that are familiar to him. "I grew up in these streets and have seen their transformation first hand," he added, "Through these photos, I want to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the environment. I also hope that urban planning in will improve in Hanoi." 

According to Tung, Hanoi could become a better city with small changes. 

Fewer electricity cables 

Releasing fish into clean river instead of a polluted one

Cleaning the polluted canal instead of paving it over

Some streets could be improved

Places that should not be abandoned

Polluted river thrives again

Some things should preserved as they are

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