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International films could promote Vietnam tourism
  • | tienphong, | December 30, 2015 06:49 AM

Director General of the National Administration of Tourism's International Co-operation Department Dinh Ngoc Duc has said the country has ample promotional opportunities through inviting international film crews to Vietnam.


My Son Sanctuary

14 Bollywood film makers attended the Indian Film Festival in Vietnam which took take place in Hanoi from December 12 to December 23. During this time, they were introduced to well-known destinations such as Halong Bay for potential film location. A conference about film collaboration between the two countries was also held.

Duc said after touring the country, the film makers expressed an interest. "One director said Bollywood films always had some singing and dancing in it so maybe they would just use some locations for the song. India has a population of 1.2 billion and there would be no faster way to reach the masses than through films. The Indian Consulate General proposed to use some Vietnamese actors and actresses to promote Vietnam too," he said.

Talking about well-known headaches with administrative procedures in Vietnam, Duc said they would give support to the film makers so that everything would go smoothly. Depending on whether the crews film only one song or a section of a film in Vietnam, the procedures will be different. They also provided 500 photos of Vietnam to the Bollywood film makers and representatives of several hotels said they would provide free accommodation.

About 3 million Indian people visit ASEAN, with 1 million visiting Thailand alone, but only 60,000 visit Vietnam. The authorities have been trying to access this market but the most important thing is that companies have to provide better services and products.

"The first step is to invite the crews to scout the locations and see the scenery for themselves for inspirations. We'll create favourable conditions to simplify customs procedure," Duc said. "We don't have the budget to make promotional films yet but this may be reconsidered after the prime minister approves the establishment of Film Development Fund."

The department has been urged to be more helpful and opening following the filming of the Warner film Pan. Beauty spots in Quang Binh, Quang Ninh and Ninh Binh provinces were used to created several scenes in the film yet Vietnam was not credited in the promotional materials because the local authorities didn't sign any promotional contract or raise the issue in discussions.

Vietnam missed many opportunities to promote its landscape due to personal interests or rigid and old-fashion thinking by the authorities. The James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies was almost filmed in Vietnam but the authorities rejected the deal because there would be explosions in Ha Long Bay. The film producers used Thailand instead.

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