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100 models showcase Vietnam's ao dai in Hanoi
  • | | October 02, 2010 10:24 AM

On the first night of Hanoi\'s 10 day celebration of its 1,000 year anniversary, 100 models performed in the Ao Dai Festival by Hoan Kiem Lake in the city centre.

Based on an idea of bringing the finest of Vietnamese culture and tradition into the design, organisers designed and created 600 of the traditional dresses for the festival. The festival included two main themes: One showed the city of Hanoi in the past and the other showed special features of the ao dai from Vietnam’s three regions. From these two themes, organisers have prepared several Ao dai collections such as “Recalling memories”, “Sacred dragon features”, “Hanoi’s streets” and “Sunny flowers”.

Below are some snapshots of the show last night:

>> Hanoi welcomes 200 overseas Vietnamese as guests during celebrations

>> Thousands take to the streets to celebrate Hanoi\'s 1,000th birthday

>> Hanoi kicks off its 1,000 year anniversary festivities

>> Hanoi lights up on the eve of its 1,000 year celebrations

>> Hanoi prepared to handle floods during celebrations

>> Hoan Kiem’s magnificent light show ready to go

>> A plethora of flowers decorate Hanoi

>> Military puts final touches on 1,000 year performance

>> Hanoi hotels brace for 800,000 visitors

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