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Sapa simmers with beauty in freezing weather
  • | | December 27, 2010 04:41 PM

Cold is sweeping through Sapa in northern Lao Cai Province but this famous tourist destination is still very lively and full of colour despite the dropping temperatures.

The latest cold current broke into this small town the night of December 25 and morning of December 26. Temperatures dropped by 3.7 degrees Celsius. These are some of the coldest days since winter arrived in Sapa.

Visitors to Sapa can see people covered with thick winter garments, scarves and plenty of layers to keep warm.

A local woman, Hoang Thi Vinh, who sells baked eggs and sweet-potatoes on O Quy Ho Hill is predicting that there will be snow like the winter of 2000.

In that chilli weather however, life in Sapa is still very exciting. The farmers are still seen collecting roses to transport to Hanoi, young men driving motorbikes to seek grass for their cattle, women flocking to a Sunday market and all the other daily activities one would expect. Around the lake and church in the town’s centre, tourists are still strolling and soaking in the sight and culture.

DTiNews shares some photos of winter life in Sapa on December 26.

Exciting sight outside the church in Sapa\'s centre

A young couple from ethnic Mong people taking their buffalo to lower area to avoid the cold

Carrying goods to markets

Taking firewood home

Mother trying to keep children warm

Seeking leaf in forest to wrap cakes

Seeking grass for cattle

Gathering around a fire by a road

Misty Sapa

A foreign visitor showing his photos


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