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Danang plans to open Fantastic Festival 2020 in June
  • | VNS | May 12, 2020 02:25 PM
Fantastic Danang Festival 2020 – a large-scale event to boost tourism development and recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic –will likely open in June in the central city of Danang.

A dance performance on the beach in the central coastal city of Danang.

In a document issued this week by Danang authorities regarding plans to hold the festival, the city’s People’s Committee has assigned the Department of Tourism as the main unit to co-ordinate with related agencies to organise the event.

The committee has also said the event should be opened at the right time based on the development of the Covid-19 pandemic and follow the central and local governments' policies an guidelines.

Danang’s Department of Tourism should be responsible for ensuring the festival takes place effectively by directing and working with related sectors and local authorities to ensure social security and order, environmental sanitation and food hygiene during the event.

The Fantastic Danang Festival 2020 – an event upgraded from the annual festival themed Danang – a Summer Destination, is held to boost tourism activities after the COVID-19 pandemic has been controlled.

It will help introduce and promote the city as an attractive destination with its tangible and intangible cultural values, tourism resources, new tourism products and specialties.

The event will also aim to connect and support businesses in presenting their products and services and improve their service quality while introducing new, diverse and attractive tourist destinations and routes to meet the increasing demands of the tourism market.

The festival is held to create an impression among tourists while visiting the city by offering them an image of a green and environmentally-friendly coastal destination.

The festival will boost investment in tourism infrastructure and entertainment services to meet the demand of increasingly diverse tourist markets and strengthening co-operation in tourism development between provinces and cities.

Through the event, Danang expects to attract investment resources for tourism development and raise the position and image of the city’s tourism industry.

The festival, which expects to become one of the most special extravaganzas for locals and tourists in 2020, is scheduled to be held from June to September in the beach areas of Mỹ Khê, Phạm Văn Đồng, Non Nước and Nguyễn Tất Thành, the city centre and others tourist spots across the city.

It will be divided into two parts. The main part, called the “peak week” will take place from the middle to the end of July, but a specific time will be proposed after the pandemic is announced to be over in the country.

The other part will include supporting activities and events taking place from June to September 2020 organised by other tourism agencies and businesses.

There will be five major events occurring in the “peak week”: an opening ceremony for the festival, a music festival with the theme Awakening Summer, a flash mob bikini performance on the beach with the theme Blue Sea Calling, and an art installation programme on the beach with the theme Hồi Sinh Trên Cát (Revive on the Sand) as well as a Vietnamese food festival.

In addition, dozens of other entertainment programmes will happen on the beach such as the opening of beach season in Danang 2020, a concert performance and a contest of coracles.

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