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Frost blankets Mount Fansipan
  • |, NLD | December 05, 2019 04:02 PM

Mount Fansipan in the northern province of Lao Cai has been covered by frost, creating a picturesque scene for Sapa.

The temperature in Lao Cai and particularly in Sapa sharply dropped on Wednesday evening, resulting in frost, according to Luu Minh Hai, director the provincial Hydro-meteorology Centre. 

Mount Fansipan has seen the temperature fall below zero degrees centigrade. The area has been forecasted to have thicker frost this evening, December 5. 


The centre warned that along with frost, fog will also appear, posing health risks for people, crops and animals. 



Local residents are advised to take measures against the weather phenomenon.  



(Photo by Nguoi Lao dong Newspaper)

Some visitors even made snowmen on the mountain (photo by Nguoi Lao dong Newspaper)

It is common to witness frost on Mount Fansipan every winter

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