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Ancient pagoda preserves history
  • | | April 18, 2011 11:42 AM

Long Doi Son pagoda in northern Ha Nam province has been restored several times, but still preserves many of the characteristics of its 900-year past.

Located on Long Doi Mountain, Doi Son commune, Duy Tien district, it is said that the 10,000-square metre pagoda was built on Cuu Long (nine dragons). The name comes from the mountain itself, which is said to resemble a great dragon. From the top of the mountain, roads and rivers below appear as the nine dragons. Nine wells around the mountain are regarded as the dragons’ eyes.

Long Doi Son Pagoda was built in 1054, during the Ly Thanh Tong Dynasty, then expanded in 1121 under the Le Nhan Tong Dynasty.

By early 15th century, Ming invaders from China destroyed some parts of the pagoda and restoration was not carried out until the end of 16th century. Some parts weren’t repaired until many years later.

The pagoda is among the few in Vietnam that still retains valuable works from the Ly Dynasty. Among the old exhibits, the most prominent is the Sung Thien Dien Linh stele, which is 2.5 metres high, and 1.65 metres wide.

Long Doi Son also stores works from other periods, such as the statue of Quan Am Thi Kinh and a bronze Buddha, which weighs 1 tonne and was made in 1864.

Photos captured from the pagoda:

Long Doi Son’s gateway

Path with more than 300 steps

Three-door temple

Ancient path to the main pagoda

Old stele

100-year old peach tree

Royal tombs

Outside main pagoda

Large, old bell

Ancient altar

Treasure house of relics

View from the pagoda

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