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Beautiful scenery as cherry blossoms bloom in Sapa
  • | | December 17, 2019 11:00 AM
The cherry blossoms trees planted on the green tea hills in Sapa have become a beautiful tourist attraction.

O Long tea hill is only 10 km from Sapa Town. The picturesque scenery of the cherry blossom blooming appears every December. The cherry blossoms only last for a month and this is also the best time for tourists to check-in and take photos, otherwise waiting until January when the cherry blossoms start blooming along many roads in Da Lat.

The green tea hills and cherry blossoms have only been known for over a year but they have quickly gained a lot of attention. Tourists can enjoy the scenery from the road leading to O Quy Ho Pass.

Some photos of the hills:




Pink blossoms amid green tea leaves


View of the hill from the national highway

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