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Cave pagoda on Ly Son Island attracts visitors
  • | | March 25, 2021 09:07 AM
Hang Pagoda situated inside a cave on the north side of Thoi Loi volcanic mountain on Ly Son Island has attracted many Buddhists and tourists.

Hang Pagoda was recognised as a national cultural heritage site in 1994. According to some historical records, Cham people used to use the cave to worship Hindu gods. In the 17th century, the Kinh people came and the place became a Buddhist temple.

Hang Pagoda is 24 metres deep, 20 metres wide and 3.2 metres high. Inside the cave is various statues and offerings tables for worship. The water flowing from the top of the mountain can be drunk directly.

Hang Pagoda doesn't have any monks and is protected and preserved by the locals on Ly Son Island. It is one of the most sacred places on the island.

Some photos of the pagoda:





Hang Pagoda

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