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  • | | June 04, 2011 10:11 AM

>> Over 1 million high school students gear up for exams

Among the scores of this year\'s regular high school graduation exam-takers are some truly outstanding individuals who are desperate to overcome any disadvantages to win an academic award.

Nguyen Van Phu has written using his feet for 12 years

Nguyen Van Phu, a 12th grade student in central Nghe An Province can only write by using his feet.

Phu, who was born with deformed hands, have written with his feet for 12 years.

According to Nguyen Trong Hoan, Deputy Chief of the provincial Department of Education and Training’s Secretariat, Phu has proved an impressive student, recently winning a provincial prize for English.

Leaving behind all adult concerns, some mature students in central Thua Thien Hue Province are taking part in exams normally reserved for teenagers.

Ho Xuan Roi, 52, from A Luoi District, has attended such exams six or seven times.

Roi, who is a grandfather, said “This year’s exams are much more difficult than previous years. However, I won’t stop until I pass. When graduating from high school, I will apply for the university entrance exam,” he added.

Ngo Thi Bich Dao, from Huong Tra District, who is as old as Roi, said, “I’ve entered these exams several times but still want to pursue my dream.”

Nguyen Van Khoa, 50, a communal cadre in A Luoi District’s Hong Bac Commune has failed the exam four times, but this hasn’t deterred him.

“This year, I’ve had to travel a long distance, but I’ll try my best to pass the exam,” said Ho Van Thiep, 36, who is the secretary of Bac Hong Commune Youth Union branch. He has attended the exam three times.

According to Thiep, his wife and children have saved every penny to fuel his studies.

Even though she has failed the exam for eight times, mother of two children and Hong Kim Commune Women’s Union officer Ho Thi Ranh, 50, from the same district, is still patient enough to attend this year’s exam. “I hope that I will pass the exam this year. With a high school graduation certificate, I’ll be able to contribute more to my hometown.”

The high school graduation exam is reserved for those who have pursued three-year high school education. Passing the exam, exam-takers are awarded with a certificate.

With such a certificate, awardees are provided with chance to apply for university and college entrance exams or get voccational training. For communal cadres in rural and remote areas, they may have better positions at work if they are a high school graduate.

This year, students who are provided with regular education will be tested in six subjects including literature, physics, geography, biology, mathematics and foreign language or history.


52 year-old Ho Xuan Roi prepares for the exams

Roi’s daughter picks him up after his test

Nguyen Van Khoa, 50, has attended the exam five times

Ho Van Thiep reviews his test answers after the examination

Ho Thi Ranh has set an unenviable record of having attended the exam nine times

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