MoET: Swimming to be compulsory
  • | | February 22, 2010 05:30 PM

According to the Ministry of Training and Education (MoET), between 2010 – 2015, provinces and cities under central government's direct command must deploy a swimming training pilot programme in all primary schools.

Swimming will be compulsory subject for primary students.

The programme should focus on students in grade 4 and be expanded for grades 3 and 5 as well. Mr Phung Khac Binh, director of the Student Administration under MoET stated: “The Ministry is guiding and requiring departments to consider the role and position of swimming training as an effective solution to reduce the rate of drowning occurrences among students. Therefore, departments shall have to specifically concentrate on teaching swimming to primary students. In accordance with the particular situation in each locality, the department needs to have a plan to report to the People’s Committee in the respectful province and city and coordinate with other departments to give out details of an itinerary for deploying the swimming pilot programme in primary schools to achieve effective results."

Mr Binh also said that in the period of 2010-2015, provinces and cities should basically try to deploy a swimming pilot programme that is suitable to each locality's primary school. To conduct this programme effectively, provinces and cities need to pay attention to strengthen popularising the understanding, guidance and communication about preventing and avoiding drowning accidents in general, and for primary students in particular, which help the community to realise the important and essential role of teaching swimming to students.

Thus, the focus will be on students in grade 4 and expanded to grades 3 and 5.

In terms of infrastructure, localities will need to invest in constructing swimming pools at schools using suitable scales and models. Selecting and conducting training for Gym teachers in order to create specialised and skilled team of teachers will be necessary.

Swimming can be organised during holidays and weekends as well as added to Gym periods at schools.

Localities shall focus the sources on preparing to ensure safe conditions and try to complete no later than the period of 2015. The first pilot programme will be held at schools that meet favourable conditions, then will be expanded.

The MoET has confirmed that preventing drowning accidents and teaching swimming at school is considered a basis for annual assessment in departments. In addition, departments of education and training need to build up detailed plans, conduct plot programmes, deploy the above-mentioned contents effectively and report annually (on the occasion of studying summarisation) to the Ministry.