Firms opt for experience over new graduates
  • | | August 13, 2012 05:04 PM

Graduated students as well as long-time employees are facing greater challenges in finding jobs amid the economic downturn.


 Practical study at school will boost future career chances for graduates

Fewer jobs and a larger workforce have created fierce competition in the job market. While firms were willing to employ newly graduated students previously, now they’re turning to skilled and experienced workers.

Nguyen Ha Thanh Thuy, an economic students said, "I've applied for jobs in many places but they all ask for experience."

It’s not only students that are struggling; even experienced employees are facing the threat of job cuts. Do Thi Hien Thuc, a worker at a state-owned enterprise had her salary cut from VND5 million (USD240) to 3.5 million. She said the enterprise is restructuring and many workers are being forced to either retire or accept lower salaries.

Meanwhile many enterprises are considering this is an opportunity to select better staff and purge inefficient departments.

An IT businessman shared, "We used to accept graduate students for training but we can't afford that now. We really appreciate newly graduated students for their high creativity and low wage demands but in reality, only a small number can be chosen. Most of them didn’t seriously study when they were at university and have little practical experience."

Thuc, another worker at a state-owned enterprise has abandoned her intention to ask the company to accept her little sister when the workforce’s salaries were reduced. "The State can't help all the enterprises." Thuc said and told her sister to focus on studying.

Director of FPT Polytechnic (FPT University), Dr. Dam Quang Minh said, "Training jobs belong to education facilities and these facilities have to provide and equip their students with necessary skills. Many students at university are approached by enterprises even though they're still at school because of a practical curriculum." Minh further said the number of students choosing fashionable schools had dwindled at this year university entrance exams, a good sign for the labour market.

Meanwhile parent of students at FPT University said, "Nowadays, parents should be more aware of their children's abilities and stop relying on friends to them find jobs."

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