Vietnam lacks science graduates
  • By Manh Hai | | December 11, 2012 08:51 AM

Amid a serious lack of scientists, experts have proposed that the government should work out a regulation to foster training.


The number of students choosing to study science is declining 

The move comes among growing concern at the numbers of unwanted finance and banking staff.

According to Dr. Nguyen Truong Giang from the Ministry of Finance, "The recent survey of the Institute of Manpower, Banking and Finance (BTCI) and Hay Group, an American global management consulting firm showed that there will be 32,000 graduates from finance and banking sector in 2013. However 12,000 will be left unemployed or have to adopt another profession. The number may reach 13,000 in the next four years."

Headmaster of Hanoi University of Science, Bui Duy Cam said both the number and quality of students applying to study science was declining. As a result, Vietnam would experience a skilled scientist shortfall.

To avoid the imbalance in the workforce, experts proposed setting up new regulations. Nguyen Truong Giang proposed to raise tuition fees for banking and finance courses.

Science remains vital for economic and social development yet the public still has a lack of appreciation for its importance, and the career remains unpopular due to the low financial returns.

In order to resolve the problem, Deputy Minister of Fiance Nguyen Thi Minh said that government would commission schools to focus on developing potential science graduates. The school would then be given additional funds. Hanoi University of Science already intends to implement the plan.

However, schools are continuing urge the government to set up several regulations for facilities, the number of graduates and other criteria.

The students also need to make a commitment that they will work as assigned by the government after graduation or refund the training fee.

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