Nobel laureate holds exchange with Vietnamese students
  • | VOV | August 18, 2015 04:44 PM
 >>  International physics conference opens in Quy Nhon
American physicist and Nobel laureate Prof. George F. Smoot hosted an exchange with outstanding Vietnamese students in Quy Nhon city in the central Binh Dinh province on August 18.

The accelerated students included eight who won high prizes at the recent international Olympics, and an additional  22 excellent students from Binh Dinh province. They have raised interesting questions in English to Prof. George F.Smoot.

At the exchange, ProfessorSmoot said he was very surprised at provocative questions from Vietnamese students, which reflects their deep science. He shared his professional knowledge and life experiences,then  advised students to conduct scientific research in order to contribute to the social development of the world.

Prof.Smoot said his family  and he had to earn money to cover his schooling costs. He advised students to make greater efforts to overcome all kinds of difficulties.

Prof. Tran Thanh Van, President of the France-based Rencontres (Meet Vietnam) Association affirmed that the exchange was very good for the development of outstanding students.In the near future, they plan to organise further meetings between scientists and Vietnamese youth, he added. 

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