Excellent uni grads still want to become civil servants
  • | VietnamNet | March 05, 2017 08:00 PM
Hanoi’s authorities have announced the recruitment of 25 workers, who are top graduates from many universities in Hanoi.

The workers have been employed in an exceptional way, without having to attend the civil service examination. They will work at the city’s state agencies, and districts’ and communes’ people’s committees.

Hanoi, in an effort to ‘lay the red carpet to welcome talents’, has been applying the policy on recruiting valedictorians for many years.

However, the policy, analysts say, cannot help the city attract talented people. Most excellent university graduates refuse to work for the city’s state agencies because the working environment is not favorable enough for them, while the salary is not good.

“It is obvious that the salary paid by the state is uncompetitive if compared with the wages offered by private or foreign invested enterprises,” a labor expert said. “The working environment is worse because of the cumbersome apparatus.”
Hanoi’s authorities have announced the recruitment of 25 workers, who are top graduates from many universities in Hanoi.

Therefore, questions have been raised about why some valedictorians still work for state agencies despite so many problems.

Nghiem Van Loi from the University of Labor and Social Affairs commented that every worker has expectations when working for a certain organization or company. In this case, excellent university graduates believe that expectations can be met at state agencies, and therefore, choose to work there.

“They want to work for the city’s agencies because they want to contribute to the city’s development,” he said.

“They may also think that working for the agencies is a big opportunity for them to challenge themselves and find out their real capability,” he added.

“And after all, they want to be recognized by society as citizens with eminent virtues and get promotions in their jobs,” he said. “It is a legitimate right for everyone to dream of entering the government and becoming high ranking officials.”

A high-school teacher in Hanoi, who has a former student working as a division head in an agency in Hanoi, said that it is necessary to encourage excellent people to take the lead in agencies and organizations.

Some valedictorians cannot find appropriate jobs though they graduate from prestigious schools.

According to Loi, the jobs given to them do not fit their taste, training majors and or talents. “It would be a problem if a worker with deep understanding about field A is required to work in field B,” he said.

Second, there are problems in universities’ student assessment.

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