Teacher praised for persuading pupils back to class
  • By My Ha | | March 10, 2017 02:54 PM
 >>  Central region face challenges persuading pupils back to class
Minister of Education and Training Phung Xuan Nha has sent a letter to a teacher in the Central Highlands province of Gia Lai for his efforts to persuade many local students back to their class.

The teacher Ninh Van Dau from Dinh Tien Hoang High School of Krong Pa District, has crossed dozens of kilometres of mountainous roads to persuade many local students to return the school.


Teacher Ninh Van Dau took a student back to school.

In the letter, Minister Nha said that what the teacher Ninh Van Dau had done was commendable. He has travelled over dozens of kilometres of mountainous roads to try and persuade many poor local pupils to return the school.

The minister highly appreciated Dau’s efforts which are originated from the love for pupils and believed this will set a good example for the whole society, particularly among teachers and students in the country.

Teacher Ninh Van Dau, 36, was born in the northern province of Ninh Binh Province. After graduation from Quy Nhon University in 2005, Dau volunteered to work as the teacher in Gia Lai Province.

Headmaster of Dinh Tien Hoang High School Tran Van The said that Dau’s family is very difficult, especially as his mother is facing cancer. Currently, Dau lives in a room at the school and remains single.

Despite the hard life, the teacher adopted four local disadvantaged pupils to help them fulfill their study desire. Thanks to Dau’s support, some among those have got good jobs after graduating from universities while others still studying.

Currently, he is the head teacher of class 12A1. At the beginning of this school year, six pupils dropped out after Tet holiday. Dau tried to advise four among those to return to class.

The case of pupil Ksor Gol is the most memorable for teacher Ninh Van Dau when he had to spend much time and efforts to be able to persuade him to return the school.

Teacher Ninh Van Dau (left) had to come to his pupil Ksor Gol family’s fields to advise him back to the school

For the three first times of coming to Gol family’s fields, Dau failed to persuade him. On March 8, Dau and the school headmaster Tran Van The again went to meet Gol and this time, the pupil agreed to continue his study.

Schools in some remote areas of the central region are facing difficulties attracting students back to schools after the Tet holiday as many prefer staying at home to help their parents with new farm crops.

It has always been difficult for teachers in some remote and mountainous areas of Quang Tri, Quang Ngai, Quang Nam and Thua Thien-Hue provinces to call for pupils to return to school after the holiday. Besides the long distance and poor quality education facilities, thousands of pupils choose to quit school this time to help their parents with the new crops.

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