Ministry loses in doctorate plagiarism case
  • By Hong Hanh | | May 16, 2019 01:43 PM
The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) have lost a lawsuit related to the withdrawal of a doctorate degree from Hoang Xuan Que from the Hanoi National University of Economics.

The ministry decided to revoke a doctorate degree granted to Hoang Xuan Que, Deputy Head of the Finance & Banking Institute under the National Economics University in 2013.


Hoang Xuan Que

Dr. Hoang Xuan Que’s thesis, entitled “Solutions to perfect the basic instruments of monetary policies in Vietnam” was denounced to have been 30% plagiarised from a dissertation written by Dr. Mai Thanh Que, from the Banking Academy.

Dr. Mai Thanh Que defended his doctoral dissertation just months before Dr. Hoang Xuan Que.

Hoang Xuan Que denied the accusation and asked the MOET to re-consider the case. Then he decided to sue the ministry.

One of the three people who denounced Hoang Xuan Que was Dr. Nguyen Van Nam, former rector of Hanoi National Economics University. Nam was also a member of the jury which examined Dr. Hoang Xuan Que’s thesis.

Que struggled to prove that the accusation was groundless.

At the court, MOET showed Que’s dissertations which were 30% plagiarised from Mai Thanh Que’s one. However, Hoang Thanh Que insisted that the document was forged. He requested the MOET to provide his own dissertations which were submitted to the ministry for consideration earlier. But the ministry failed to do that.

At the trial by late last year, the Hanoi People’s Court announced that the accusation against Hoang Thanh Que was groundless and cancelled the MOET’s decision to revoke his doctorate degree.

The MOET has been ordered to re-grant the doctorate to Que.

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