Teacher fired after being caught beating children
  • | | May 21, 2019 02:58 PM
A primary teacher in Hai Phong City has been fired for hitting several pupils while doing an exam.


Pupil was beaten at school

On May 8, parents of Hoang Gia Duc, a pupil at Class 2A7 at Quan Toan Primary School, reported that his face was swollen and his legs had red marks after being beaten by his teacher, Nguyen Thi Thu Trang. Duc's parents also reported to the police.

Trang has been suspended for six months and banned from performing in the role of head teacher for one year.

However, on May 15, Duc's parents released a video clip in which Trang had beaten many pupils while they were taking an exam. Duc is the one who was beaten the most. In the clip, another teacher, Le Thi Van also hit two pupils until they cried.

Hong Bang District People's Committee concluded that the punishments were too light since Trang had slapped and beaten several pupils, upsetting the parents and pupils alike. Her action badly affected the school and the education sector of the district.

After the case was brought to light, Trang didn't visit and apologise to the pupils in time. Pham Thi Van should also be punished.

Hong Bang District People's Committee asked Quan Toan Primary School to fire Pham Thi Trang and punish Pham Thi Van accordingly. They must report the results back to the district people's committee by May 21. Quan Toan Primary School was asked to work with the parents' committee at school to hold a meeting to apologise to the pupils at Class 2A7.

Hong Bang District Department of Internal Affairs was asked to review and reprimand the management board of Quan Toan Primary School.

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