Teacher sacked for hitting pupils
  • | laodong, | October 23, 2019 04:03 PM
A teacher in HCM City was sacked after it was found out that she had been hitting pupils at school.


A file photo shows the teacher slaps a pupil at the classroom

Tan Phu District People's Committee on October 20 officially sacked a teacher at Phan Chu Trinh Primary School for violating regulations about education, public employee and child protection laws.

Since the start of the new school year, second graders in Class 2/11 had been screamed at, slapped and hit with a ruler. After knowing about the situation, some parents secretly installed cameras at school and caught the teacher in the abusive act.

Whenever the pupils did anything wrong, the teacher would immediately call them up, screamed and slapped them.

The teacher was suspended and replaced by a new teacher after parents reported the case to the school administration.

HCM City Department of Education and Training deemed such action abusive and should not belong in the school environment because it violated professional ethics. HCM City People's Committee asked local authorities to strictly deal with the teacher.

The teacher said being sacked was too severe and she had submitted a letter to the district authorities to review the punishment.

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