More disabled people receive vocational help
  • | | March 22, 2021 02:31 PM
The Training Scheme for Rural Workers has proved to be successful as thousands of disabled people have been given training and consultancy to find jobs to support themselves.


Thousands of disabled people given support

Nguyen Van Hoi, head of the Department of Social Assistance, said support centres for the development of inclusive education for persons with disabilities had been established in 20 provinces and cities. There are seven centres for disabled children, 97 specialised centres and 18 district-level centres.

The number of disabled children going to schools during the 2012-2020 period has increased ten-fold compared to the 2000-2010 period. Their educational quality and academic achievement also increased greatly.

Training classes have also been opened for state employees across the country about managing and teaching skills to help disabled children.

According to the Directorate of Vocational Education and Training, 20,000 disabled people are trained every year following the Training Scheme for Rural Workers. As of now, 210,000 disabled people have had vocational training, 50,000 people have been given consultancy about jobs and 22,000 have been given loans from the national employment fund.

3,350 teachers have trained thousands of disabled people across Vietnam. Hoi said 90% of disabled people with disadvantaged backgrounds would receive help during the 2021-2025 period.

According to a recent UNICEF study, there are 6.2 million people with disabilities in Vietnam, accounting for 7% of the country's population in 2019. Most of them are poor and lack the education to find a good job.

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